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Ashland's Stracker Solar manufactures, sells and installs elevated dual-axis solar trackers that produce up to 70% more power than same-sized rooftop or fixed ground-mount systems while maintaining full use of the property below. Strackers are a perfect PV solution for parking lots, industrial and agricultural operations, open fields and more. Keeping their powerful large PV arrays pointed directly at the sun at all times, Strackers are the most efficient solar energy harvesting systems available. These robust units are the only UL-listed dual-axis solar trackers, and as such, the only that qualify for Energy Trust of Oregon incentives. The all-steel Strackers are certified for 120 mph winds, and come with 30-year production and structural warranties. Additional extras like pole lighting and EV charging stations are available.

Client Testimonials:

Dr. Brandt Cullen – Ashland Family Dentistry

The 2 Strackers installed outside my dental office are great! They successfully make my business Net Zero by producing all the electricity we need (which rooftop providers couldn't achieve) and that is saving us thousands of dollars a year. My patients are very impressed, too.

Brad Roupp – Abbott’s Cottages

The 3 Strackers that were installed in 2019 at Ashland’s ScienceWorks Museum and the 3 that were added in 2021 have been reliably providing clean energy to local businesses and homes. I highly recommend these elevated dual-axis solar trackers to anyone who wants a most efficient PV system without compromising use of ground below.

Mark Daly – Jacksonville Resident

I had my Stracker installed in summer of 2019, and it has been going strong ever since – producing more electricity than forecasted. I chose Stracker Solar because I didn’t want to cut down trees on my 9-acre forested property to create room for a ground-mount PV system, and I am glad I went this way. My Stracker doesn’t take land-use away and it blends in well with the trees (we chose to have it painted brown). I highly recommend Strackers to whoever wants more solar than what a fixed system can generate.


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